About our Pool

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 
10 AM  - 8 PM
Friday 10 AM - 7 PM
10 AM  - 8 PM
1 PM  - 6 PM

May 25th - September 2nd 2019


The idea of starting the Angier Recreation Club began in 1965. Construction started later that year. Once completed the Angier Recreational Club, Inc. which we know now as Angier Pool began in 1966.

It’s purpose is to offer residents of Angier and surrounding areas a family friendly community pool.  It is a private club where memberships are limited and rules are enforced to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. The first 50 memberships were sold for $250. All subsequent memberships were sold for $300. That was until 2011, when due to much needed repairs to the pool, share prices were raised to $350. We are limited to a total of 250 active memberships.


The main pool is 3 to 9 feet deep with two diving boards in the 9 foot section of the pool. We have a fenced in "Kiddie Pool" that is 3 to 15 inches deep. Perfect for toddlers to enjoy the pool too!

Schedule and Activities

The Angier Pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.  Members are able to enjoy the pool seven days a week.  During operating hours, weather permitting, every hour there will be 50 minutes for general swim and 10 minutes for adult swim.  The specific hours of operation are posted here on our website.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings are available for members to reserve the pool for private pool parties.  Swimming lessons are also offered several times during the summer. As a member of the pool, you will receive reduced prices for swimming lessons. We also typically celebrate both opening weekend and the Fourth of July with music an special activities.


While not required to have Lifeguards on duty we do employ them. Lifeguards at the Angier Pool are all Red Cross and CPR certified.  There is also a CPO (certified pool operator) on staff on the board, ensuring the cleanliness and correct operation of the pool.  The lifeguards uphold high safety standards in and around the pool.  All rules are posted and must be followed.  The guards also follow the Red Cross procedures for weather conditions such as extreme heat, thunder and lightning.

Membership Dues

The Angier Pool is funded only by the money collected from the members and users of the pool.  It is a private organization therefore there is no supplemental or governmental funding.  As a member, you are responsible for paying your dues on time.  Dues must be paid with a check or money order.  No cash will be accepted.  Notice of summer dues are posted on this website and sent via postcard with information announcing the yearly meeting in May.   When your dues are paid in full, your immediate family members are put on the pool card, allowing you access to the facility.  These cards are required for entry at the pool during each visit.  Lifeguards control the use of the facility and may check to see if you have your card.  Members may bring guests.  There is a $5 daily fee for each guest over the age of 2, who live within a 30 mile radius of the pool.

Annual Meeting

Yearly members’ meeting are held the first Monday of May.  All members are encouraged to attend.  Important information is covered and elections take place at this meeting. Notice is given at least two weeks prior or before. The meeting notice is sent on the Dues postcard annually.


806 N Willow Street Angier NC 27501 US