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**Updated 9 October, 2018**

Wanted to update everyone before things become busy. The pool board has met with multiple contractors and we have found one able to do the work needed at a reasonable cost. We have worked with the bank and have looked at our books and have confidence that we can swing the costs of the work without need for the assessment while not raising the annual dues. We are trying to be mindful of the work that needs to be done and the members too. That stated, we would like to keep that as a future option, if needed while the work is completed. Make sure you attend the annual members meeting in May for additional details.


**Updated 9 October, 2018**

Apologies for the delay folks but here are the results of the vote from September regarding the Assessment.

The pool members voted and the majority voted to have a $100, one time assessment. All current and new members will be responsible for the $100 assessment The official results are below. The board has met and discussed this and has decided to have that due by 1 February 2019. This will allow us to have as much money as we can upfront in order to get the bank to fund the remainder. We are currently awaiting quotes for the work and will try to select a contractor that can complete the work prior to next years opening in May. We will keep you updated as we move thru the process.

Vote Results were:

46 for the $100, one time assessment

14 for the 2 time, $50 assessment


Notes From Tonight's Meeting (20 August, 2018)

There were about 15 members at the meeting this evening. We discussed the issues below and came up with two options for the general membership to vote on from now until the pool closes for the season on 3 September 2018.

The following are necessary to be fixed/replaced/repaired prior to the 2019 pool season. If these items are not completed, we will run the risk of not being able to open on time for the 2019 pool season.

Work to be done:
* cut down trees
* replace liner (resurface pool)
* fill in equalizers
* replace three gates
* filter media will be replaced
* kiddie pool pump and filter replaced

A Facebook Poll is available for you to vote on for the option we will move forward with. Paper copies will be available at the pool for those who prefer or aren’t able to vote on Facebook. Each Membership Family will be allowed a single vote.

The following are the options selected tonight at the General Members meeting.

Option 1: $50 increase in Dues for 2 years to $410.00. On year 3, the pool dues will go back to the current amount of $360.00. (This is the normal Dues price, early price would be $380.00 (third year would go back to $330.00)

Option 2: A one time $100.00 assessment fee.

Both options give us roughly $15000 seed money. We need approximately $50,000 for the work.

*** only 1 vote per Membership family will be counted.

****Votes will be tallied and results posted within two weeks of the pool/poll closing.

***** Any donations will be gladly accepted!!


  • If you are interested in serving on the Pool Board please e-mail the pool at


* Pool Project Committee

          The Pool board has decided to add a committee of members who would be willing to assist in planning and implementing miscellaneous projects at the pool. We would like to have about 10 members on this committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send us an e-mail at

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