806 N Willow Street Angier NC 27501 US

To join the Angier Pool (also known as the Angier Recreation Club) you will need to purchase a membership for $350.00, plus annual Dues of $360.00. These prices have not changed for over 3 years. We do provide options for paying the membership fee over 3 years.

This all starts with the forms below and sending an e-mail using the web form below. Please print, review and complete both the Member Contact Form and Membership Contract. If you have questions you can also look a the Member Information, which is also below.  Once you are ready to coordinate your payments and membership paperwork to be handed to an existing board member please use the Questions and contact web form or e-mail use at  angier​pool@gmail.com.

How to become a Member


Membership Questions and Contact e-mail Form

Membership Forms

May 25th - September 2nd 2019

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 
10 AM  - 8 PM
Friday 10 AM - 7 PM
10 AM  - 8 PM
1 PM  - 6 PM